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Hi, my name is Anastasia, I am the manager of the store This website features products produced by SUNUV. They are the leading market player in the nail industry for drying gel nail polishes and gels. Power is one of the most important aspects of the lamp. The more power the higher, the better. The power that is high can cause the side effect that the material might bake during curing. A number of diodes do the same thing happens, select those with more. The power won't be affected if there are too many of them. This will not have an impact if only one. This could lead to an increase in drying time and may result in a decline in the quality of the item. A timer that is convenient and easy to use is an essential feature. However, they're not always the same everywhere therefore it's not essential. Sensor switch, in the past it was a specialized technology, but now it's an industry standard. The material used to make the material used to make them. There are many myths about how metal bottoms are superior due to the fact that they reflect light, however, they are just myths. Metal is still the best choice because it is easier to clean, but that is not the way we think of it. The following are the most important factors to consider and the final one is to choose the best price lamp to use for nails don't take the cheapest you can, but instead choose the average price because the price difference isn't too much. Different models of inexpensive nail lamps. They come in a variety of sizes, ranging from huge and powerful for two too small and portable. With or without a bottom equipped with a timer or sensor in any color, can be found on our site. In addition to nail lamps, we also have many different products for manicures, from decoration to cutters. We are experts in solving our clients' problems. We offer everything you require and warrant the quality of the products we offer. The equipment for manicures and pedicures is complete, with all the necessary equipment that allows salons to operate properly. If you call our operator and they will explain to you exactly on how to choose and make a purchase.

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