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I led her out of my small bedroom. We lived in a three bedroom apartment, cramped for so many people. But it was our life and we were used to it. My sister and I each had our own bedroom, our husband taking turns in which of our beds he slept in, while our four daughters had to share one room, sleeping on a pair of twin-sized beds. With Tarik working nights as a cab driver, it wasn't uncommon for Sa'dia to sleep in my bed which was a king size. I opened the door and grinned. The twins slept in their bed, the mattress lying on the floor, the sheets piled over their bodies. Their identical faces were pressed so close as the two angels slept in a close embrace. They both came from my womb and still felt that bond. My cock throbbed with motherly lust for both girls. Look at them, my slutty little star,” I purred to my daughter. “Don't they just look so beautiful?” Sa'dia nodded, glancing at the bed she normally shared with her half-sister Ayesha. It lay empty. Ayesha must be with my sister, sharing her bed. I shivered, eager to watch mother and daughter writhe in lesbian incest.

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