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Hi, my name is Antonio Matias. I am editor-in-chief (casino expert) at, where together with my team I analyze both the whole Portuguese and Brazilian gambling market and each online casino according to several factors. Since the advent of casinos online on the internet, millions of gambling enthusiasts are faced with a tough choice every day. Even experienced gamblers may find it challenging to navigate the various virtual institutions. For novices it could result in a loss. What are the most important aspects to take into consideration when selecting an online gambling site? How to safeguard yourself against cheaters You don't need to know everything about financial and legal matters, bonuses and other services, or even a broad variety of games to locate the most reliable casino. Every casino is governed by the laws of that state. It governs legality for gamblers from different nations to play on the site. The lists are provided in the rules for the casino. When selecting a casino, make sure that the casino accepts players from the country where the user resides. This question can be asked to technical support. They will then verify your withdrawal and resolve any issues. The rules contain a lot of information that is useful. They must be read. It is better to spend time on the fine print than to be confronted with unpleasant unexpected surprises. Usually, the information regarding the license is available on the end of the website. It is simple to verify the authenticity of the license. The license number as well as the organization that issued it are indicated on the website of the casino online. You need to go to the regulator's page and check the license number. The license is legal security for the player. In the event of an issue (no payouts or long withdrawals or suspicion that the results are falsified, etc.) The license offers legal security. ) The gambler is entitled to contact the supervisory authority who issued the document and it considers the issue within 21 days. One of the main components of gambling is finance. That later did not have to puzzle over the best way to withdraw winnings, it is important to assess in advance whether the casino is suitable for the user for several requirements: payment methods for deposit and withdrawal and currency used in the institution; terms of the withdrawal of winnings; limitations on withdrawals of funds; account verification. The method of payment is very important. It is better to have a virtual wallet rather than a physical. The institutions. While it might seem simpler to pay using a credit card however, the majority of transactions will be subject to a commission. For those who are more advanced, it may be more convenient to make payments in cryptocurrency. This limits the selection of casinos that are available. However, there are more casinos online that offer bitcoin-based betting are showing up in the rankings of reliable institutions.

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