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What do you want ?" her voice was soft and quivering. " Isn't it obvious ?" I took two strides toward her and pushed her hands over head. I grabbed my tie to bind her hands together and then to the headboard. I watched her catch her breath. " Tayna, why do you make dumb business decisions ?" I stroked her hair taking a few strands between my fingers. " What decisions ?" She caught a sob as she spoke. I gave her a knowing look, " You know as well as I do that you have made dumb decisions. Like not selling your agency." I fely my voice rising. Her eyes were more beautiful then I remembered. Full of fear, tears, and something else, lust? Tanya was stunned, this just could not be happening. What did this man want ? He was so muscular, and familiar to her. She had defintely seen those green eyes before. It was at a meeting downtown, he had caught her eye. She had smiled a little, and she thought he was handsome and hot. She twisted aganist my tie and tried to get free. I started to slowly caress up and down her body. " You feel so soft, " I whispered. Tanya stopped trying to get loose. She was stuck. She felt the tears on her cheeks, she was scared and ---- guilty. She had fantasized many times about a stranger coming into her home taking her roughly. It was the fantasy that made her horny, she liked imaginng of being ravished, of feeling a big thick cock in her, and forcing her to have multiple orgasms. She had never experienced an orgasm with a guy before. Now, here it was, just like her fantasy. She felt herself very horny and wet. I stood up moving away from her. She watched me as I left the bedroom. A minute later I returned, a knife in my hand, she gasped. " Shhh, honey, shh." I took the knife and cut through her clothes. I prefered cutting them off than risk untying her. I was definitely going to fuck her nice and slow. I cut through her dress, and panties. I took a moment to enjoy looking at her body from head to toe. I felt like I would have an orgasm just from looking at her. Oh Baby," I fondled her tits pausing on the nipple and pulling it roughly. She gasped. I stopped looking into her eyes, " Did you like that ?" I pulled the nipple again., her tears were still running down her face, but she was enjoying this, I could tell. " Please, Stop." she whimpered. " Please what Tanya? We are going to enjoy the weekend together, sucking your tits and nipples, eating your pussy, fucking your pussy and ass then I'm going to leave and you are not going to tell anyone."

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