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Valerie Hawthorne

The rotation continued until every boy had raped her. “Anyone want another shot at her?” Jack asked. “Nah,” said one, “she’s all juiced up inside, and besides, don’t forget – we got other plans.” The other boys assented and it can only be imagined what those other plans were. The restraining hands were removed from Sarah’s battered body and she slumped over onto her side. She did not dare to speak or cry out, for fear of being brutalized again. But her torments were not quite over. Hey, here’s her camera – let’s get some shots!” cried one of the boys. “Anyone know how do work this thing?” “Yeah, I do,” said Jack, their leader and general expert. The photo session began. “Put her on her back!” Hands were on her again, arranging her body for maximum exposure. Sarah put up a feeble attempt at resistance. Jack squeezed her sore breasts, giving her a strong hint that if she did not lie still the sexual assaults would be renewed. “Now – smile for the camera!” She looked incredulous. Smile? Jack put his face close to hers, his tongue flicking in and out. Another hint. Somehow she twisted her mouth into a semblance of a smile. Anything to get them to go away. She was arranged in various obscene poses while Jack clicked away. For the final series she was put back into the kneeling position, which Jack shot from several angles.

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