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One of the biggest underlying problems with sugar is that it tends to stimulate production of insulin. In fact, insulin has been identified as a likely cause of diabetic coma. Insulin is an insulin-binding protein. When blood sugar levels are too high, insulin will not be able to bind with glucose. This can result in a condition known as polydipsia. Elevated levels of blood sugar also cause problems for the kidneys. They become inflamed as a result of the increased levels of glucose in the urine. The kidneys also tend to become damaged from the excess glucose as well. Prolonged diabetics may suffer chronic kidney disease as a result of high blood sugar. Prolonged fasting can also damage the eyes and cause glaucoma. Finally, elevated blood sugar can cause damage to other tissues in the body. Excess glucose is not only stored by the liver as fat but can also damage the muscle and tissue. The pancreas can also be damaged by excess glucose. The heart can be affected as well. High blood sugar causes many different issues for diabetics and it is important to address these issues as a way to avoid complications. These complications include heart disease, diabetes, nerve damage, liver damage and kidney damage.

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