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Of course.” She smiled as she left his room to shower before dinner. Dinner was usually a routine affair, with everyone somewhat blandly recalling the major (to the extent that they were) events of the day. But tonight, it was different. Both Rebecca and Anna were extra nice to Nick—perhaps a little too nice. And from across the dinner table, he could see the sparkling hint of lust in their eyes. His cock stirred in his pants thinking of his recent experiences with his sister and her daughter, but with her husband and son at the table, Nick tried to put those thoughts aside. Luckily, Rebecca worked at the school on Tuesdays, so he would have the house to himself tomorrow. Nick had planned to hit the home gym hard first thing in the morning. But before getting out of bed, noticing a notification on his phone, he had to turn his attention to other matters. Again, he had a DM from Anna. Annoyance mixed with curiosity flashed over him, which subsided when he discovered it was only a text message.

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