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Hello and welcome to Cooking with Team J! Where did the blog name come from you ask? Well, it just so happens that me and my boyfriend’s name both start with J and we both love to cook – hence Cooking with Team J. He’s not much of a writer so throughout most of the blog, you’ll notice that most of the posts are written in first person and that will be me! Our relationship has an interesting dynamic that I personally believe complements us very well. He likes to cook, and I like to bake! See the thing is, we love to cook together and often times, we often cook too much and as a result, we have to ask our friends and family to come over and help us finish it. As they discover our creations, we get more and more requests from people to have us share our recipes with them. More often than not, we forget where we found the recipe and even if we do share the recipe with them, we tend to make so many modifications to it that the original recipe is kinda useless. So what better way to share our recipes than creating a blog where everyone can have access to our latest creations at any given time? We are by no means experts when it comes to cooking or baking – neither of us are professionally trained. We just like to have fun in the kitchen and try new things! We like to think of our kitchen as our laboratory and we invite you to join us on our journey to create delicious food and share them with your loved ones! If you have any suggestions on what we should make next, let us know!

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Delicious Lemon Bars
Decadent Chocolate Coffee Cake
Lemon Blueberry Loaf

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