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Why did you pay for that man's offering? He should have been grateful that I chose his food to eat." It doesn't work that way down here, they don't know you are a god so they only see you as an ignorant thief." My words seemed to get through to her a little as she nodded her head silently before continuing. Okay I can understand that, but then why did you buy Lukos an apple as well? He's a grown wolf who can hunt for himself you know." She said proudly, boasting her companions hunting abilities that she had perfected. The same reason you chose to eat that apple instead of hunting for your own food. Receiving a gift you want but don't expect is a very nice feeling that people should feel every once in a while. I am glad Lukos enjoyed the apple." To this I actually heard Lukos bark once like an excited dog. Okay? So I'm guessing you have your own food in that bag of yours that you just don't plan on sharing with me huh?" Catarsus concluded as she rationalized why I wouldn't buy myself food. I sighed, tiring of these questions that she was genuinely asking, even though seemed sarcastic in their nature.

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