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Address: Konevova 136 Prague 3, 130 00, Czech Republic Phone: (+420) 910 920 881 Business Email: [email protected] Description: Welcome to the premier CrossFit gym in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic. At CrossFit Committed, we are passionate about helping individuals of all fitness levels achieve their health and fitness goals. Our experienced coaches provide personalized training programs, group classes and foster a supportive community that will push you to your limits and beyond. We place a big emphasis on nutrition and through our mentorship programs we guide you towards a sustainable nutrition plan that will help you lose weight and excel in the gym and life. Join our vibrant fitness family and experience the transformative power of CrossFit in a motivating and inclusive environment. Start your fitness journey with us today! Keywords: Prague CrossFit gym, Best CrossFit gym in Prague, CrossFit classes in Prague, CrossFit workouts near me in Prague, Top-rated CrossFit gym in Prague, Functional fitness in Prague, CrossFit training in Prague, CrossFit gym in your neighborhood in Prague, Affordable CrossFit gym in Prague, CrossFit for beginners in Prague, Personal training in Prague, Group fitness classes in Prague, CrossFit community in Prague, Family-friendly CrossFit gym in Prague, CrossFit box in Prague, Olympic lifting in Prague, High-intensity training in Prague, Bootcamp workouts in Prague, Local CrossFit competitions in Prague, Fitness center in Prague.

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