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Hi, my name is Dale E. Licon and I am 34 years old. I am a dreamer and am a romantic by birth. What exactly is a "dream? There are many people who confuse dreams with goals. But they're completely different. Dreams of people are the most important thing in their life, while a goal is the end goal one should strive for. The difference between the two is that the aim is defined clearly, while the goal is not clear. In reality, both are inextricably linked since you have been able to set multiple goals to turn your dream come true. Everyone has probably dreamed of a life that is beautiful, where everything is as they'd like it. However, not all people are in a position to achieve this. People can have dreams about different things, as everyone has their own view of what the ultimate goal is. However, in order to achieve a dream, you have to be very determined. A dream is what makes someone behave. This happens by following these steps. It's very simple. The person is constantly imagining the results of his efforts and efforts, and through this, he is stimulated. The power of dreams is huge in human existence. Everyone dreams of their desires. The most important thing about dreams, however, is that they aid us in moving forward, looking, fighting, and never abandoning the fight. If all odds are against you and your hands are slamming in the air, there's a great option to take a second breath: watch a film, in which the cherished dream comes to life. https://theflix.to/movies/trending/action has collected many such films. Watch them and believe in the power of God. Movies with interesting plots, captivating characters, and stunning images are what we love. What is the film that is most memorable? I like the film "Where Dreams Go. It's a psycho-film and very emotional. The tragic fate of the main character shocks me. She lost what she believed was the most important in her life. She lost what she lived for, whom she loved - her children and husband. I believe that she is loved only by those who are grieving the loss of their nearest and most dear. According to her diary that her suicide was caused due to the fact she was required to be treated in a psychiatric institution. This could have resulted in her losing control over her life. "I have no one to say goodbye to. you're dead and like the children. I have no one to say goodbye to" ..." her final words prior to her death. The most unusual thing was that the person in heaven could see what his wife had painted on canvasses in the real world. The film was very intense in its focus on perception. My mind was overwhelmed by images of a gorgeous, blooming paradise and a dark rough hell. When I saw the photo of the main protagonist ascending via an "elevator" I was stunned to see the entire field filled with people asking for assistance. This film demonstrates once again that it's important to have a plan, believe in something, and then take action in order to reach your goals.

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