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Hello, my name's David R. Sellers and I'm age 57. I work as an engineer in a large firm. My family includes a wife, and two kids. They are all grown and we sit all together at the table and work on puzzles. We find them on https://riddlesbest.com/category/fire-riddles/, we like to force ourselves to think. What's it good for? It's not something that parents have to. Riddle plays a significant role in the growth of children. Riddles can be a unique, enjoyable, interesting, mysterious world. Riddles give a thorough description of an event that requires lots of thinking. Riddles, even though they are complex are enjoyable and can be enjoyed in a humorous mood. Riddles: provide a poetic view of the world, and think outside the box; expand horizons and ideas about the world around them; stimulate attention, the ability to understand and feel the art. image; develop imagination, speech curiosity, and develop memory. Many kids love to try to figure out the answers to riddles and it is a great way to entertain them. Searching for clues can be fascinating and exciting. They help you think and think, expand your vocabulary, and broaden your knowledge about the world. They're an excellent method to develop your memory, thinking skills, attention and assiduity. You can solve riddles in a relaxed and fun way. The riddle is a brief description of a phenomenon or object. It contains important information about the world they live in. From the submitted riddle a child can get information about the look of the object. A significant benefit that riddles provide is the development of a child's thinking in that they force him to look at, analyze and contrast the phenomena. Thus, riddles can be a kind of activity for children's minds. They promote thinking and reasoning, teaching logic thinking and analysis, as well as drawing conclusions. Logical thinking is the most important aspect of riddles. There are many ways of constructing logical tasks however, they all stimulate the child's mind. Solving riddles develops the ability to analyses, generalize, create the ability to reason and draw inferences.

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