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And that's the only reason that I forgive you." She glances at the floor for a second before back up to me. "Your wish was specific, but broad. I think that I can see all of your past to include your thoughts of me. Have you really been in love with me since you were 8 and I was 9?" I'm not really sure how to answer. I wanted the wish to only really be about the ring and the short past with it. "I don't really know when I started having feelings for you. But yeah, I suppose that I can't really deny them now." She leans in and kisses me. "I want you to make a wish that you can see all of my past and history as well." Are you sure? I'm sure that you've learned a lot about me that you didn't really expect. Do you really want me to know everything or would you rather specify what you want me to see about you?" She leans in and kisses you again. " I'm sure that you're an idiot for asking me if I want to hide anything from you and that question right there is exactly why I know that I can trust you with everything. You're too good of a guy to betray my memories."

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