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Yes!” She screamed, “yes,yes,yes.” He pulled back, then slid inside her again, watched her panting as he fucked her. She was so tight, it felt like his cock was in a burning vice, her muscles gripping him, her body out of control. Her eyes had rolled into the back of her head, he knew she was on the verge of passing out. He knew he couldn’t control himself much longer, knew that if he gave in to his desire he could do her a serious injury. He slowly pulled out, she sighed as her bum hole was vacated. He looked down at her gaping orifice her sphincter muscle pulsating. He moved up, his cock between her labia. He crashed down on her, driving every inch of his cock into her cunt. Oh Jesus!” She cried, beating his chest with her fist as she came, her head rolling from side to side. Paul cried out with her as he unloaded his seed inside her, his cock pumping wildly as he ground his pelvis against her. His orgasm seemed to last forever as he kept pumping his spunk into her cunt. He released her ankles and she immediately wrapped her legs around his waist, clamping him inside her as she humped against him, the muscles in her cunt milking him.

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