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BestHostels Indonesia (BestHostels.co.id) is a startup company in Bali that serves as an Online Travel Agency (OTA) providing dedicated booking services for sharing accommodation such as hostels, bunkbeds, dormitory rooms, and capsule hotels. Before officially becoming BestHostels Indonesia, the forerunner of this company actually began the journey from an Instagram account @besthostelsbali which was originally formed as a promotional platform for hostel accommodation in Bali, which at that time was not well-known to tourists, especially domestic tourists. BestHostels Indonesia was founded by Rahmadi Aditya Putra (CEO and Founder) operating under PT. Galang Kangin Digital was also officially established in July 2019. Rahmadi who has a creative, management, and hospitality background came up with the idea of BestHostels Indonesia, which was later supported by the co-Founder, Bayu, who has an IT background and played an essential role in its product development. The vision of the company is to become the platform of choice for booking the first hostel in Indonesia, which also provides various travel products and services targeting young travelers who want to have unlimited adventures at an affordable price range. BestHostels Indonesia also has a mission to contribute to driving the national economy by prioritizing cooperation with local business owners such as local hostels and shared-type accommodations, transportation companies, activists, and local tourist activities or attractions providers. To date, BestHostels Indonesia is the first and only company in Indonesia that is focused and dedicated to booking services specifically for sharing accommodation. In the last two years, BestHostels Indonesia has developed diverse services and products including shuttle boats, airport transfers, as well as various tourist attractions, recreation, workshops, tour and bundling packages that are included in the eXplore category. Destinations that have been covered by BestHostels Indonesia include Bali, Yogyakarta, Malang, Lombok to Labuan Bajo. BestHostels Indonesia services are available on the besthostels.co.id and the mobile application which can be downloaded via the AppStore and Google Playstore. Currently, there are already 180 partners from various parts of Indonesia, from Aceh to NTT who have collaborated with BestHostels Indonesia. This online booking service has also been supported by several new features such as Group Booking and Bundling Trips to make it easier for Bestpackers - the name for BestHostels Indonesia customers/users, to plan and organize their trips according to their individual preferences. In order to get closer to the Bestpackers and its target audience, BestHostels Indonesia also introduces 'Bestpackers Friends', namely a young person who was selected to be a representative of BestHostels Indonesia, who will introduce the BestHostels Indonesia brand and services to the wider audience in Indonesia. They will also share their own real experiences as backpackers and users of BestHostels Indonesia services. In the future, BestHostels Indonesia's mission is to expand its network to more cities in Indonesia as well as increase the variety of products and services according to market needs, especially to fulfill backpackers and local tourists’ demands. One of them is by expanding into homestay and guest house accommodation. Hostel

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