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My name is Edward J. Carpenter and I'm 35 years old. age. I'm a backend developer working on the https://www.deskree.com/ platform. We're adamant about developing unique products that aren't found elsewhere. Deskree is the living proof that developing software doesn’t have to be difficult. They have applied fundamental values and are showing this through their product. Web development is the process of creating websites and web applications that has many steps. To better understand how it functions we must know what a website consists of. A website is composed of users as well as a server. A website page may contain pictures, text, video buttons, panels, and many other elements. The site allows you to move around and explore the contents. The user interface is the main feature of the site as well as the results of the frontend developers' work that is the visualization, interactivity and clearness of the user interface. The site is beautiful in design with illuminated buttons and striking typography. It is also easy to use. But how does the site appear from the inside? The site's logic, performance and proper functioning of the site are responsible for the server that is not visible to the user. Its development is managed by a backend programmer, and only the administrator of the site can manage it through a special interface. Every request sent by the user to the server gets transmitted. Here is where all the process takes place: The request is processed, filtered and then the response is sent back. Backend development is responsible for the correct operation of this process. Let's consider a typical computer for an illustration. It is free to browse through your folders and files, you can delete and change data, add new information, or do whatever you'd like. There is no access to the server. The computer hides the directories that are associated with system files to ensure that users do not do anything stupid and affect the functioning of the site. The same thing happens to the site . You have access to only the areas that do not affect the operation. That is, you can access the site but you can't alter the site's code. The server and the user are interconnected. They can work together to create a fantastic result (i.e., functional and clear websites) only if they work in harmony.

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