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We’ll it wasn’t what Sidney and I had hoped for her but she was always the wild one, she’s four years younger than her sister but she was the first to start having sex with her Daddy, then when she was in secondary school she started having sex with one of the female teachers, it was quite a scandal when they got caught in one of the store rooms. Of course the teacher got the blame, it was hushed up and she was sacked but both Sidney and I knew that it was Jenny who instigated it.” So your brother..um ..husband, Sidney, he was having sex with one of your daughters?” We used to tell people he was my husband,” Esme laughed, “nowadays l tell people he was really my brother, l like to shock people, l know it’s naughty but it is fun. Yes he had sex with both of them, we both did, it was just something we drifted into, we have always been a nudist family and Sidney and l never hid anything from out children, they often saw us making love.” Suddenly Susan was startled, she saw movement at the far corner of the garden. I think there is someone in the garden,” she said, looking for something to cover herself with but there was nothing.

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