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Aunty pulled away her bra and revealed the enormous titties. She started to tease me by shaking her tits in front of my face and quickly drawing them back as I tried to take them in my mouth. I reached up and with my hands grabbed them and pulled one of them in my mouth and started to suck it hungrily. Aunty laughed and said, “Oh my hungry son suck well.” She then took my other hand and slowly guided it inside her petticoat and to her wet and hot pussy. It felt awesome to be feeling a woman’s pussy who is of my mom’s age. I started to chew on her nipple and with my hand inside her I pushed at her lips and spread them and put one finger in her pussy. It was burning hot. Aunty, by now, was enjoying all the attention I was giving her and was moaning. She looked at me with eyes filled with lust and said, “Now I will eat your candy.” Saying this she got down on her knees and took my dong in her hands, parted the foreskin and licked the slit. She then put her lips on the head which was now glistening with moisture from my precum and played her tongue on the tip. Oh it felt wonderful. She then took the head in her mouth and licked it. At the same time she moved her palm on my shaft and then she took the whole of me in her warm wet mouth and massaged my sack. It was awesome. Now she was steadily going up and down on my dong and looked up at me. I grabbed her head and started thrusting in her mouth. I was amazed that a woman of her culture and age could give head. She then took out my cock and told me to lick the valley between her boobs. I grabbed hjer boobs and licked the valley wet. She then smiled and said, “Ebar amar dudu gulo tor doodh ar malai bar korbe chepe chepe. Shona chele amar make nijer dudu dao.” (Now my milk pots will press and squeeze out cream from your pot. Give momma your rich creamy milk.)

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