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She beamed inside as she could see the love and lust her caring and wonderful uncle had for her. Anna’s hands slid to grab her uncle’s ass as she pulled him into her, grinding back her clit in almost animal passion. Nick knew that his fit, athletic niece needed a good workout. He grabbed her hips and rolled over completely, so that Anna was riding him. Now free, she pulled her tight sports bra up over her head, revealing hard, puffy pink nipples on her perky upturned chest. He fondled them, so firm, and sat up to suck her left then right nipple into his drooling mouth, rolling them on his tongue, and playfully nipping at them with his teeth, which drove her even more wild. Frantically, Anna pushed him down, positioned her hands on his toned chest, and rode her uncle’s cock, taking the whole length up and down as her girl juices oozed on Nick’s balls. He tightly gripped her round firm butt cheeks, and pulsed his hips up to meet her downstrokes, his soaked balls riding up and slapping against her tiny pink puckered asshole. She took control riding him, but he reminded her who was really in charge with a few light, and then firm, slaps of his palm on her teen ass. Anna’s eyes rolled back, and her mouth gaped as she worked her insatiably horny pussy on her uncle’s hard thick dick. A thread of drool dripped down her chin to her chest and ran down her flat tummy. Nick could feel his cum load building, amazed he had lasted as long as he had given how tight she was. She refocused to her uncle’s eyes. “I wanna cum Uncle Nick, and I want your cum inside me.”

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