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Hi, my name is Frank G. Gautreaux. I'm a product owner. You no longer need to find an online server that has good players. Train against our bots that play more than professional players. It's a unique game server where you can ensure that you will never be bored! Although you could spend many hours studying about Smokeys and playing with other players, or even performing triple-fakes, there's no way to play CS game without a proficient shooter. It's possible to win even an unlucky round by hitting a few headshots. In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive the individual skills and the knowledge of the map are crucial. Strategic positioning, effective grenades and a good map control are just a few examples of the skills of a player. Every now and then you'll have to play the Xplay game server and play around with shooting, scattering and searching for the best positions to increase your skills. We'll assist you in setting up the server and give you an already-configured configuration so that you can get practice. The shooting of heads in CS It is crucial to GO, but in some cases it's more efficient to simply squeeze your opponent. There are maps to training sprays. You can learn the clamp pattern of each weapon, and test it out. Recoil Master is the ideal map. It allows you to choose any weapon, and watch the spray it produces. After selecting a rifle the dot will appear on the wall which shows where the scope should be pointed to adjust the clip. Spray training may be boring for newbies. But, after a few practice sessions for a few minutes in the maps, you will know how the clamp functions and how to feel it. The only thing left to do is try it out in the practice. After working on custom maps It is essential to strengthen your skills against real players. Luckily, CS: GO has Xplay which will help you sharpen your skills. It is suggested that you take practice shots on Xplay servers, where your opponent can only be killed with headshots. They can help improve your reflexes in competitive map conditions and motivate the shooter to focus on the head first. This can be very beneficial in future matchmaking games. We are located at

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