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Ryan’s gentle finger fucking was raising my AF, but (thankfully) not enough to make me cum. I was hoping that Ryan would dump his old school mates before we went into the club but we all joined the queue together and eventually we were all inside. Ryan was right about my skirt; most of the girls there were wearing as little as I was and I’m sure that I saw at least 3 other uncovered pussies. Ryan, who seems to be able to spot a bare pussy at half a mile, said that he saw at least 10. I was happy that I wasn’t the centre of attention. The club was heaving but we were having a great time. Thankfully, Ryan’s old school mates were out to get laid so they went chasing pussy leaving Ryan and me alone. The club has one floor that they fill with foam and Ryan pulled me into it and we started dancing, hardly able to see each other. We’d been holding hands to stay with each other but I lost touch with him for a few seconds. Then felt 2 hands slide from my back around my bare stomach. Assuming that it was Ryan I relaxed a bit and continued slow dancing. The hands slid down over my skirt onto my bare mound. Thinking that Ryan was just showing his love for me I spread my legs a bit, hoping that he would finger me in the foam.

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