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Future Brand Vietnam is a blog to share knowledge, news and orientations about Branding and Marketing industry for Junior. In addition, we also have book and course review items that will help the Junior save time and money in learning deeply. To be a future brand, an individualized brand becomes a friend with a unique personality, emotions, preferences, impression, in the eyes of each Reader. We choose the path to become the people sharing knowledge and news in the Branding and Marketing industry for the audience of students and people with 1 to 2 years of experience in the industry. Don't be confused! we are not - Work in journalism: To avoid readers confusing Future Brand Vietnam, we provide PR information, advertising. We are committed to sharing information on books, businesses, names of experts, and branding and marketing campaigns for the purposes of: Doing case study, drawing experience so that readers can receive information easily. Information we quote, knowledge that you can find outside. We believe practical and realistic examples will give the readers the best perspective on the industry. - Consultants: Future Brand's articles on: Knowledge, book review, case study analysis are all done from a visual perspective, from our personal point of view and comments. However, we do not provide the expert advice above.

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