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You don’t have any panties on!” gasped the daughter. Sarah’s deeply confused look inspired George to do something. He reached up and rubbed the two wet fingers he'd just had in “Mommy’s” pussy, across the young girl’s lips. Her lips glistened with her mother’s thick clear fluids. Unconsciously, her tongue licked across her lips, which was followed by her eyes widening briefly at the unexpected taste of pussy. Her nostrils flared, the heady smell of pussy fresh on her upper lip. She’d been playing with her own pussy for a little while now, and enjoyed her own taste and smell, and now, here in this store, for no apparent reason, she was tasting and smelling pussy on her lips. Mommy was calming down, having recovered from her unexpected public orgasm. But Sarah was far from calm, having witnessed her mother cum in a store and now smelling pussy with every breath, she was far from calm. Sarah once again glanced down at her mother’s wet crotch..”um Mom, maybe we should go to the bathroom”. Her mother glanced down. Oh dear, yes, maybe we should” George followed the two into the nearest mall bathroom. There was only one other woman in there, and she was washing her hands as they entered. Sarah wasn’t the only one flustered, George needed relief as well.

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