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Journalism is a field that has many options for the budding journalist, from those who are happy to work behind the scenes for a major news organisation, to freelancers who love to get the word out about social and environmental issues. One of the most popular forms of journalism is blogging, where freelance journalists and bloggers have the opportunity to write about their area of interest and promote themselves and their employers at the same time. There are also Journalism short courses in America and Britain, aimed at providing people with the knowledge and professionalism they need to pursue a career in journalism. By learning the basics of journalism through these programs you can work your way up the ladder of success. There are two types of Journalism short courses being taught these days. One is online journalism, which mainly covers news stories through the internet. Online journalism has made great strides in recent years, with the boom of blogging and social networking sites. The other type of journalism is print journalism, which covers stories through more traditional mediums such as newspapers, magazines, journals, pamphlets, and the like. The courses in this discipline usually last between one and three weeks, though depending on the university or the college, the duration may be longer. In America, there are Journalism short courses being taught in the Ivy League, the top business schools, and other prominent institutions of higher learning. Journalism is not an industry that is highly sought after, so those who want to go into journalism must begin by focusing on their individual skills, rather than becoming an expert in a field that is highly competitive. Those interested in pursuing Journalism as a career can train for a year or two at a prestigious university, before spending two years in a program that focuses on teaching and research. This allows those who have an interest in journalism to gain a solid foundation of knowledge and experience. Aspiring Journalist Those interested in pursuing a career in journalism should be aware that there are a number of different kinds of courses available. Some of these programs are online only, while others are a mixture of online and traditional classroom courses. Some programs will focus entirely on writing, while others will focus on reporting, among many other topics. The first step that new reporters should take when planning their future is to select the specific type of course that will be most beneficial to them. Writing classes are ideal for those interested in becoming professional journalists. The writing courses may involve writing essays, short stories, even poems. However, these classes will also likely require the students to spend time reporting from various locations around the world. Students will also be required to write a final exam, after which they will be able to present their work in front of a panel of experts. These writers will have the unique opportunity to present their work to a group of editors who may then choose it for publication. Editing classes will help students learn how to organize and develop information that they have researched. After selecting a particular piece of writing that they feel is of particular importance, the editor will present their findings to the client. In doing so, the writer will be provided with feedback on their work. As the student progresses, they may find themselves tasked with reporting on certain information that the reporter feels should not have been overlooked. Those who enter into this field typically enjoy the challenge of providing a different point of view, along with learning about the inner workings of a variety of news agencies. Those who plan on entering into the field of journalism should also consider taking classes regarding multimedia. This involves learning about how to manipulate images, video, sound, and any number of other elements to provide a greater depth and quality of information to those who are researching a particular topic. If you do take an Introduction to Journalism class, you may even discover that you have a knack for creating video advertisements or running an online campaign. If you want to expand your ability and experience in the information media industry, you should consider adding one of these skills to your resume. For those students who plan on entering into journalism as a career, it can be helpful to complete internships prior to graduation. These can give those who are still learning valuable firsthand experience with local, state, and nationwide news outlets. Those who are employed as a news anchor, reporter, or freelance writer will find that their work will put them in contact with a great number of people who are interested in the news. In addition to gaining valuable work experience, those who participate in internship programs will be building a portfolio that can be presented when their employment is complete. In addition to enhancing your ability to communicate in the field, these programs will also demonstrate your dedication to your chosen profession.

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