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High pressure cold water enema,' he read, 'Mouth, ass, kunt, he read the spelling betraying its wartime German origin, and he quickly decided on an initial three way penetration, with toe and nipple sucking and ear licking, backing off to a nine point restraint with the lads rota fucking so her vagina was filled almost continuously, he realised they needed a strong metal framed bed and a wipe clean mattress from sick bay, for the main event so he quickly wrote a requisition and sent it to the quarter masters department. They practised dismantling the four post bed until the time came down to two minutes, brought electric patio heaters to keep the garage warm and generally prepared for the operation as seriously as if it was a raid on the Taliban, finally and crucially he sorted out a rota and a regular supply of hot food. All ready Sarn't Major?" Col Melchett asked. Yes sir, we thought three way to begin," CSM Jarvis explained. Spare me the details, she is my daughter," Col Melchett replied awkwardly, "But are you ready?"

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