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It's cool babe, that shit just caught me off guard, I'm good though." She grabbed hold of my dick again and kissed it gently, I'm sorry" she said kissing it again a few more times. I pulled her up by her wrist "stand up and take your dress off and bend over." I demanded bringing her from her knees to her feet. I reached in my pocket, grabbing out the Magnum that I always keep on hand. She turned around and giggled, " oh I guess your always prepared huh? You def must be a ladies man." I laughed while removing the condiment from the wrapper and rolling it down over my dick, " I told you I like women, now bend back over." I slid my penis inside of her thrusting it all the way in. I pushed her back down to arch her spine as I began to stroke her from behind throwing every inch in her while pulling her body into mines. Moaning loudly she gripped the metal rail, while I took in a fistful of her hair not giving a damn if it was weave or not. I twisted my wrist pulling her hair back while I used my other hand to arch her back. Thrusting in and out moving my hips to establish my stroke I fucked her at at a steady pace while she moaned out,

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