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Hi, my name is Lyudmila Vladimirovna Vasilenko, I'm a lawyer, and I work in a private agency https://sauron-detectives.co/ as a detective. I assist people in meeting to meet. We have on our website there are many services available, and a lot of detectives are experts in their area. Check us out and become familiar with our offerings. We are available in Ukraine and around the globe. Only with the confirmed information provided by our detective agency can you make the right decision and comprehend what's going on. Are there any crimes committed against you? - Find out who. Are you concerned that a friend is keeping some information from you? Learn what. Are you confident about your business associate? - Check his reliability. These and other questions do not get answered by law enforcement. A private detective could be of assistance. We offer all the detective services offered by our detective agency that we offer taking into consideration the moral and ethical guidelines, but not going over the legal requirements of Ukraine. In the course of his work, a private detective works with both information and people - the detectives in our agency are professionals in this aspect as the main job of a private detective is the ability to gather the information, analyze it, and link different information between them. To tackle this problem, our detectives are able to utilize a wide range of sources of information, including the media, various documents well-informed people, the Internet numerous databases, both open and closed. They also and are familiar with the laws of Ukraine. Contact us via the number above or at the e-mail address given above if require assistance from private investigators. We will ensure that all information we receive is treated as confidential. We realize that we're not the only ones to do this, but we are convinced that each of our client's tasks is individual and does not allow for standard solutions. We all hold immense potential together. After all, together with you, we're determined to achieve success - your success!

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