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Lockhart Enterprises is a multi-faceted sole-proprietorship. We currently run a web-based retail store(www.lockhartskitchen.com), offer light catering in the local area, assist military families cope w/ deployment, & help fund several charities. We enjoy family, cooking and entertaining, rehabilitating homes and landscapes, and many D.I.Y. projects. We are commited to making a change in our communities, interested in promoting or assisting with discounts/services for our military families and single mothers, and of course because we are a business, promoting our business, and marketing/selling our products. Some of the services we would like to provide to the military families and single mothers are: discounted/free car maintenance services such as oil change and tire rotation; discount on child care/babysitting services; discounted house cleaning services; discounts/coupons for activities such as bowling, movies, dining, etc; discounted home repair services and/or supplies such as plumbing, heating, a/c; discounted toys and gift ideas for special occassions and holidays. We would eventually like the military support services to be a non-profit charity for which donators could receive a tax benefit. Thank you in advance for your consideration!

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Quick and Easy Garlic Linguine

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