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Charles opened his door and one at a time picked off the men trying to exit the limo. When Jonas tried Charles shot him in both shoulders then drug him out and slit his throat. Now only one bad apple left. At one of the housing additions a lady and her kids started out of the addituon only to find the road blocked by a pick-up and men in cammo suits they told her it wouldn't be long they were just clearing some rats and other vermin. With fear in her eyes she returned home. Moses Marcus had quite a lote of trees and shrubs which had been sculpted in the form of animals. His guards moved among them wit alertness... or so they thought. The scouts seemed to infiltrate this Floral Menagerie. The guards passed once to often, then they passed no more. Marcus sat in his office wondering where he went wrong. He couldn't understand, he was rich and controlled every thing in three counties.. One man dies and another comes to town and... everything falls apart. He looked around and began to wonder... It had been a while since he had had a report.

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