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My father and little brother Zhenya. I'm just 180 centimeters tall. I'm athletic. I am a realist in my nature. I don't like to whine but I don't want rose-colored glasses to be part of my wardrobe. I enjoy studying, and I know how important it is to stay informed in this age of high tech. Math was my favorite subject at school. Its orderliness, clarity, logic and orderliness fascinate me. The subject of history is one that I love because I can use it to understand the past and make predictions about the future. I find it difficult to define my character. I try to be kind and helpful. I am not tolerant of falsehood. I can instantly break off relationships with someone if I find the person to be hypocritical. It's difficult to determine whether this is good or bad. Perhaps, I need to be softer, offer people a second chance, since no one is perfect. I'm trying to improve it. I have a lot of mates, but I have only one real acquaintance, and his name is Igor. We play poker together. What do you like to play? I learned to play guitar from my dad. I'm not a professional. I just like string music. I've decided on my profession, I'm now a pharmacist. I think that living with curiosity, learning new things, interacting with people and spending time with my family is the main aspect. It will all come together. Time will tell. I am one of the authors of the website The poker portal provides independent reviews of poker rooms, promotions, news and other information. We offer the best conditions to our players as well as article writers. Every player who signs up on our site gets an increase in Rakeback each month. The amount of the cash is contingent on the amount of rake that has been accumulated in the room during the month. The money can be transferred directly to payment systems. Rakeback can also be used to get Rakeback promo codes and bonus codes. The relevant section on the site offers exclusive freerolls, and tournaments. To participate, you will need to simply fill in the appropriate password that we will email or messenger to you prior to the event. Certain freerolls are only accessible to our participants. At you'll find everything you need to learn about offline and online poker, rules, lessons, and articles. It's simple and straight-forward. We hope that you find it interesting to find yourself within the world of gambling! Have fun playing poker online. Have fun at the table!

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