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Melissa D. Doctor, that's my name. In my 30s I weigh 45 kg and I am 165cm tall. I am helped with the Lasta program. Find out more information about the Lasta program at and download it to test it at no cost. People who have been thin their whole lives are because they're like that. They're not able to eat or run a marathon because they like it. They've never even considered their weight. They're happy with their weight. You can choose to go to a restaurant or the shop. No talking about diets or figures. They'll advise running shoes if you tell them you'd like to start running. People who have shed many pounds and found their balance. They often try to persuade others to join them in a sport, a group, or even to undergo surgery. They try to influence, but they usually realize that everyone is different. The final category. People who are thin because they are constantly at battle with themselves. It is a typical behavior. Unable to remember when sweets are permitted. Constantly count calories. They are also anxious. They're always trying to prove that you're not happy. This can't be because you climbed a mountain yesterday. You're likely to have been low on breath. And that the men who want to be your friends are loser, and there's the chance that you'll die in the next day. They need to know that they're not suffering from anything. They spend so much time focusing on their weight that they do not see how they could lose it. It's a good thing that there aren't many of them. However, the internet is. Losers sit around and boost their self-esteem. The most popular bloggers boost their self-esteem by hurling insults at women and men who don't live as they should. Entire industries make billions off of it. Overweight people know the importance of it being vital, at a minimum to cut down on their calories and to start moving more. They don't want changes in their lives. Then comes the search for "miracles" - magic pills, fitness cocktails or fat burners, physical procedures, even surgery. Any promising method for weight loss that works without any effort. Should we only rely on the "miracle" or do we still need to work on our own self-esteem a bit? Everyone knows that food should be nutritious and portions are small. This is not the case by a lot of people. I've seen folks put their head on their plate and not glance away until it is empty. Then they start looking for more food. It's better to be healthy and wealthy. I'm referring to slim and athletic.

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