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Mary Charles

She pushed her breast together as I leaned down to suck on her nipples. Her husband was moving in the front seat. He was trying to make his wife body move on mine. I lost balance and plunged all my cock inside her. "FUCK!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!" she screamed. I grabbed her two large breast squeezing them very hard. I then felt my cock erupt deep inside her. I could feel her juices and mine falling out the side of my cock. A few minutes later I pulled my half erect cock out of her soaked pussy. She looked down as I picked her up and put her in the back seat of the cab. I sat down next to Brenda. Her husband turned to look at us in the back seat. I moved my hand to his wife pussy. I opened her pussy showing him, his wife dripping with my big load. He turned to put the taxi in reverse. He backed out of the alley. I moved Brenda on my lap. Her knees were next to my thighs. I put her hands on my shoulders. Her pussy was on my cock. It was growing under her pussy mound sticking out between her legs. I then started to suck on her breast again. Her head was tilted back as I sucked on her breast. I heard the big iron gates open as we pulled into there long driveway. A few minutes later the taxi stopped at a big house. There was a big garage in the back. I leaned forward to see the meter. The fair was over a hundred. I opened her door again. She giggled as we stood in the driveway in front of the house naked. Her husband came around to see us. "Get our clothes in the back seat." I said to her husband. "Let's go in. You still need to pay for your taxi cab ride lady. Where the master bedroom?" I said. "Follow me! Mr. Kelly. I might have some money in my dresser drawer. Honey! Sleep on the couch tonight!" said Mrs. Ascot. The rest of the night I fucked Brenda all over her room. In the morning I gave her a white silk robe from her closet to wear. She put on some white 4inch heels. She was still covered in my dry semen all over her body. My cock was still semi hard as I put on a big white cotton robe to wear. She opened the door to her room. I could see some dried cum on the carpet in front of the door. Her husband must have watched from the key hole last night. She woke her husband as we walked passed him on the couch. He still had on his tux. He was a mess as we walked into the kitchen. I began to cook as they sat at the table. "You need to go wash my cab. Inside and out before tonight. The back seat needs a good scrubbing. The front seat too." I said. He frowned as I handed his wife some pancakes and a big glass of OJ. Next I ate some bacon and a few pancakes. He ate what was left over. I think there was a one piece of bacon left and half a pancake. I was feeling horny again as I looked over at Brenda. Her robe had fallen open showing off her luscious breast.

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