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My name is Mark C. Dehart. is where I work as a journalist. Journalists are people who write news. Journalists are those who write news. We listen to morning radio shows, read articles, watch videos, and play videos on our smartphones during the afternoon, and then look up news on television at night. The work of a journalist we get information beyond the boundaries of our social network - like what the weather forecast for tomorrow , whether or not we should buy a new gadget, what's happening in the world's hotspots, who became president in our nation or the nearby country. Without the work of a journalist, there would undoubtedly be a great silence and widespread ignorance around the world. We are an internet publication known as Letizo. We provide financial and business news. We live in the information age. It appears that there's nothing wrong with it, however, in actuality the most alarming issue is the excess of information. Over-information can be as harmful as having too much. It's going to take more than an entire lifetime to digest all the news that is available on the Internet in one day. This is a double-edged story. There's a lot of news and not enough information to read. It's not right to categorize the internet as media. The Internet is much more expensive than the definition of the media, in part because it is a source of the media itself, which has been integrated into the online content. While the value of Internet media is obvious, traditional media must work hard to ensure their relevance. However, the Internet does not alter the nature of the story but it does allow us to get news differently. We should not talk about how to educate the public. It's unlikely that the world's network will convert people who are naive and ignorant into active citizens. All news should be accurate. Journalists and editors must depend on only verified sources and know what information will be interesting to the publication's readers. However, it's important to note that there are magazines that depend on rumors, and they too have readers. Furthermore, different media outlets often not only publish news but also publish analyses and interviews with different individuals. This helps increase the number of readers, and makes every reader more engaging. Modern media help you be aware of the world around you and they aren't limited to the choices of books.

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