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America's Leading 5 Trout Fishing Streams I'm going seriously out on a limb by calling the top 10 trout rivers in the nation. I will doubtless leave out some rivers that deserve mention. But when it involves a listing like this, you have to ultimately select the streams, and I'll say sorry in advance if I don't place you' refavorite river down. I'm sure these aren't really the 5 very best streams around-there are lots of backcountry Alaskan streams and also personal trout waters that are possibly much better than any of these. Yet these are all rivers that are easily accessible and also give amazing trout fishing. These are all well known streams, as well as they'll be crowded periodically. Still, they're all long rivers as well as there is room to expand. It's no coincidence that Montana is well stood for in the listing; it teems with long, lovely trout rivers. 1. Gallatin River (Yellowstone National Park and Montana) 2. Missouri River (Montana) 3. Madison River (Yellowstone National Park and Montana) 4. Yellowstone River (Yellowstone National Park and Montana) 5. Green River (Wyoming and Utah)

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