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My name is Nazar and I'm 34 years old. I was always a fan of gambling. While I'm not the biggest gambler, I enjoy the company of people and being able to think deeply. That's the way I came to learn how to play poker. In my spare time, I share tips on how to play, and how to choose a poker room at Modern forms of the game require you place at least two bets, also known as blinds or an ante. All other wagers are optional. Players who place voluntary bets are either trying to realize an optimistic mathematical prediction from the drawing of their hand or is bluffing based on their own strategic thinking about the game. While randomness has an effect on the outcome of every hand, the ultimate outcome is determined by probability theory and psychology. Poker is an easy game at first glance. In the game, all players get certain cards and the player with the strongest combination of cards has stronger wins. However, this is only the initial impression. The reality is that the player that has the strongest hand seldom wins, and most often the hand is not won without a fight, following a raid by one of the players. Professional poker players are aware that poker isn't played using cards, but rather against other players. Supply is among those poker tricks even experienced players "fall for". It is simple in its fundamentals. If you have good cards (for example, a pair with aces), instead of going all in or squandering your opponent's account, you go into the game with a limp and respond to your opponent's questions. Then, you just call and not raise after the next bets of your opponent. This continues until the river, where you just call all-in. The "slow-play" strategy makes it almost certain that our opponent has the strongest hand. In this case we just call to complete his draw or with weak strikes. In the end, our opponent will even be interested in raising his bets, and all you have to do is call them to show your nets on the river. However, sloping is risky, as several players can enter the deal together with your aces, and someone can hit two pairs, or even the straight. In this case both the two of you will each lose. Therefore, this trick can only be used when you are playing against one, maximum or two players. I am sharing tips on my Poker blog.

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