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Bill drew his twin closer, snuggling his face in her dark wavy hair. Meri smelled wonderful, so feminine. The scent of her flowing pussy mingled with the fragrances of her soap and perfume, making Bill swear he'd go mad if he didn't do something more than serve as a living fuck doll. Ooooooh!" Meredith squealed when her twin nibbled her neck. Shuddering, she slammed herself into the long broad cucumber. Cuddling tighter with her twin, Meredith again slammed into the cucumber. Her fluid soaked the front of Bill's pants and drenched his hand, leaving him to wonder if she'd pass out from dehydration before she came. Then, as if jolted by a sudden electric shock, Meredith squeezed with all she had and raised her feet from the floor. Screaming, she climaxed so hard the spasms of her stretched cloister rocked the cucumber Bill somehow managed to keep holding. Oh, God!" Meri screamed, shuddering all over. "Ohhhhhh, Bill!" Bill kissed across Meri's shoulder while his twin kept cumming all over him with explosive splashes of nectar. His pants became saturated with what sprayed from around the thickness filling Meri's body, and tears running from her eyes wet his cheek. Meredith went weak in her twin's embrace, and he had to hold her upright. Rather than fear for her state of collapse, Bill found Meri's powerful climax made him want more than ever to fuck her.

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