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Meanwhile, in the main art room was silent and no one knew what was going on in the back room because the door had been shut by the teacher. After fucking her hard hard, Jack asked Leslie if she wanted to change positions. She agreed and Jack pulled out, Leslie got up and pointed her ass towards him. " FUCK ME IN THE ASS, MY PUSSY IS RAW AND MY ASS IS CALLING FOR YOUR COCK ! "she said. Jack Positions himself behind her and slipped him cock into her ass. Leslie felt a little pain at first but it went away after a few turns and stabs of the cock. After a good ten minutes of fucking her in the ass. Jack felt a normal sensation. Leslie also felt this when Jack's balls emptied all his cum into her ass. After he came, Leslie so exhausted fell face forward onto the futon talking Jack, who was still in her ass with him. He rolled off of her and they laughed and kissed. They looked at the clock and it was 10 minutes before the class was to let out. They got dressed but before she got dressed had to visit the "LITTLE GIRLS ROOM". In which this being a backroom it actually had a working toilet and sink in it. She put her bra and shirt on and then walked over to the toilet and preceded to sit down. Grunting,she started to pee and then a BIG STEAMING PILE OF SHIT RELEASED ITSELF FROM HER BOWELS with Jack's Cum. Thanks Jack, I had been constipated for weeks." she said. " I do what I can." he said. She got up and wiped herself and put her jeans on. Right when the teach walked through the door.She looked around the storage room and complimented them on their work.

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