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My stop came right at the entrance to dad's main car lot. He sold high end exotic cars, the kind that the commission from one sale would cover the salesperson's expenses for a couple of weeks. He didn't play professional baseball long, but he retired before he destroyed his body then heavily invested in his future. I walked in and waved as I passed the receptionist. I frequently visited my dad here, so they all knew me. I headed straight to the back, and into dad's office. I noticed his assistant wasn't outside his office, but continued anyway. When I walked in, dad stiffened up in his chair somewhat. "Oh, hey son. I didn't expect you here. Did you finish up with Trinity's house?" His voice sounded a little strained as he spoke. Yeah, dad. I took care of the yard, then helped her with some stuff inside. Then she got a little tied up. When I left, she was taking a nap." Good. That's great." I saw his hand was gripping his desk. "I'm glad- I'm glad you could help her out like that. She's having a tough time lately. It's good that she has people she can c-count on."

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