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To test her new found trust in him, he put his hand into the hem of her shorts and panties. She gasped as she felt his fingers sliding through her pubic hair until they touched cunt. She was still sensitive from earlier and did not know how to respond. She knew he wanted her to feel something and probably to moan but that was not the sound she felt like making. However, she obliged him, feeling it was her job to make him feel good about how he was touching her. He was definitely happy when she started moaning excessively. He looked a lot younger than she thought he was when he started grinning. In truth he was only midway through his twenties. He had held his practice for about three years and had started it right after college. He was a definitely the product of well off parents. He had dark sleek hair that was usually well combed during his sessions but had become a little messy over the course of the day. He wore black rimmed glasses that suited his face and did not distract from his distinguishing features. Altogether he was no less handsome than the best looking boys in her class. Though her thighs were far apart, her actual cunt was quite small and extremely tight. He could cover her crotch with three fingers but it was hard to even get one inside. Her whole body quivered when he finally forced his way in. He was proud of himself and looked at her face expecting to see satisfaction only to notice the tears in her eyes. She gasped again when he suddenly pulled his hands out of her clothes and away from her face. He was like a retreating animal, worried he had hurt her. She did not want him to think that way. Reacting quickly, she pushed on his chest and made him sit down on the edge of his bed. She then climbed up onto his lap, stopping with her crotch right above his. She gyrated her hips until the bulge in his pants started to grow. He was confident she had never done this before but she still looked like his own personal stripper and he could not hide his excitement.

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