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There was no way I was going to last long. I mean, I WAS ass-fucking a gorgeous socialite in a Rolls Royce. So I grabbed both hips and picked up the pace. I pulled almost out & back in, and with each thrust Annalisa would stifle a cry and turn it into a groan. Soon she was pushing back as hard as I was fucking her wonderful anus. I reached under and grabbed both breasts, found the nipples, and twisted them. She buried her head into the backseat and let out a scream as I dumped my full load into her ass. I gave Annalisa back her panties, but that was it. It was mostly because I didn’t any of my fat jizzy cum load leaving a trail, or plopping out should we meet a neighbor (we didn’t). The whole way from the parking garage I had my arm round her or mostly groping her ass, and I hope security cameras caught it. Yep, she was most definitely into it, squeezing my cock thru my pants as we made our way there. Once inside, I tore the coat off Annalisa. After the ass fucking she’d just gotten, I figured she be mad at me. But, to my surprise, she started to kiss me back, and fumble for my belt. Sir! I want you! I want that dick inside me!’ My pants were down and she was on her knees, and in a flash she had my rock hard member in her mouth and was bobbing up and down quickly. I had cum twice, but she was well on her way to making me shoot number three. But I wasn’t going to have it this way. I grabbed her hair on the back of her head and guided her up. She pointed and I led her to a really elegant bedroom.

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