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I can’t say now, but I promise you that strong action will be taken. I assume that they’re renting the house.” Yes, sir; the two houses at the end of the block on Freemont have always been rented, just like a lot of the houses in our neighborhood. Most folks are like us—hard working, God fearing families. We don’t want no gangs here making our streets dangerous.” Ma’am, we agree with you completely and we want to thank all of you for bringing this to our attention. What happens in many communities is that these gangs get a foothold and recruit dozens of members before the police even know they’re there. Then getting them under control is really difficult. They always bring drugs, sex, violence, and death with them. We want them out as much as you do. No, we want them out even more than you do.” We ended the meeting then, shaking hands with everyone, and walked out to the cars. There were two basketball games under the lights on the new courts. The kids waved to us even though we were in uniform and we waved back. That was the kind of relationship we wanted to have with all of our citizens. I made arrangements to meet with Daryl tomorrow morning. I phoned Martin Albright on the way home and he agreed to come to headquarters around 10:30. Lucy was up waiting for me when Max and I walked in the door. “Good meeting,” she asked. Yes and no,” was my reply. “There was good communication all around, but we apparently have a bit of a problem.” I continued a moment later after Lucy had shot me a questioning look. “Bloods—one of the scourges of our country; they’re no better than rats, spreading disease wherever they go.”

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