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Well, since you went out of your way to buy me one and get me into it, I just may." She feigns innocence again. "Whatever, you know you just wanted to see all of this." It's not the worst sight ever, but why would I ever try to manipulate a situation to get you into a tiny thong for 24 hours?" Ummhhm." I leave that question unanswered for now. "Hey, is Mia up? I need to ask her about something." She opens the door just enough to slide her naked form out the door, but to block my view inside. I can't help but look her up and down checking out her amazing body. Even though i watched her all night and again this morning her body is something that I'd never tire of. Her nipples have hardened from the excitement of being in front of me naked. She tries to play it casual while talking to me like it's no big deal being in her best friend house talking to her best friend's brother in her birthday suit. She's still tuckered out from last night. Is there something that I can do for you?" That mischievous smile is back. And yes, there is lots that she can do for me.

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