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Erin Foster

Mom removes her suit and is busy organizing their change. It is a mini van with a lot of room. The youngest, or smallest, is nude sitting inside legs crossed and is playing with her young tender nipples. It must have been good because she did not care what was going on around, and they seemed to be growing. By now the other two were naked and not signs of being in a hurry. Mom was beautiful and fit. Mom and the three were hairless, or seemed they were very light blond hair at most. The two older may have been non identical twins, as one sat on the car floor and door edge as her sister washed her virgin mound. She lay half back, legs wide, as her sister kneeled tenderly washed each fold. Mom looked on without a word, smiled, with her nipples now hard. Her one hand gave herself a little attention, and sat on the drivers seat reaching for the radio. The youngest still playing with her nipples watched her sisters, learning I guess. They had now changed places and the other began helping her sister. Mom had reclined her seat, was looking away, listening to the radio. Her hand out of sight of the girls was very busy. The second sister had her twin laying back and her eyes were shut. Checked to see Mom not looking and then took her sisters little clit in her mouth. I was only feet away, nude, stroking my cock, with an insidious show like no other. I wanted to cum and I wanted to keep watching. There was no question Mom was near ready, and the older daughters were not concerned about being caught. The two sat next to each other and arm over arm rubbed each other. So natural and so comfortable. Mom’s legs were wide, and the youngest now moved behind her mom’s seat. She reached her little arms around her mom neck with her head next to her mom’s ear and started playing with her moms nipples. In a very short time moms back arched, and she climaxed. Daughter played on moms nipples, as her mom licked her fingers clean. The two others were now heads next to each, one arm around the other in a hug, and the other hand was moving quickly on the others little mound. I do not think they penetrated. it was very rapid movement. No question this was not something new and they know what each other wanted.

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