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Dr. Satya Harjob was certainly no prude, yet she’d been raised in a very strict authoritarian home, where her father’s word was law. As she considered examining Sid’s equipment, she was troubled and could hear her father’s voice booming in her head. Touching a man’s sexual organ was forbidden before marriage. Oh, she’d been tempted over the years. Afterall, she was attractive and a sought after prize while in school, but it didn’t take long for suitors to discover that infidelities with Satya might be very bad for one’s health. Her brothers and father were men not to be trifled with...hence Dr. Harjob’s virginity was still very much intact, however, her libido had never been squelched. Even now, the sight of the boy’s penis...and why was she trying so desperately to think of it as a penis? Was it to slow the sudden rise in her respiration and pulse? Was she ashamed to think that the presence of such a perfectly formed, circumcised male organ might trigger something within her? Something she’d not be able to satisfy until she could get home and rub out a quick, satisfying orgasm? The more she looked, the more she acknowledged...this is not penis...this is a COCK! span> Just running the crude word through her mind formed a bead of light perspiration across her brow and upper chest. Get a grip, she thought, almost laughing as she did just that. Her gloved hands first went to Sid’s shaft, stacked one above the other, with just the thick-rimmed head exposed. A good 7...maybe 8 inches when erect, she guessed, using her hands as a guide. Kneading it from top to bottom, her skilled hands explored the organ, squeezing and palpating Sid’s cock in the pretense of checking for lumps and bumps. “Feels good. I can’t make out anything unusual.” It wasn’t until she noticed a subtle warmth spreading across her palms that she realized the boy was getting an erection.

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