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Yeah, babe, Vince probably killed him.” No, according to the story the fairies killed him. After that Vince never went back out there.” After several weeks of sneaking away to visit the fairy, Vince started telling one of his friends in his village what he had been doing. Of course he didn’t believe Vince and gave him a hard time about telling fairy tales. He told his friend that he would take him out there one day if he was brave enough to go. The friend was always declined the offer and said he would rather stay home and be horny than take a chance of being eaten by wolves. A couple of times a week, Vince would find a way to elude his family and would go to the foothills at sunset and visit the fairy. He noticed one evening that there was something rustling in the bushes but paid it little attention. His focus was on the pretty little fairy that was kneeling between his thighs as he laid naked on his blanket. He had come for the pleasure that she gave him and she had come for a meal. She knew the exact technique to use to get the meal as quickly as possible. When she was done the little fairy would usually say “Thank you” in her sweet fairy accent and then run back into the woods. She rarely spoke otherwise, but Vince would ask questions sometimes and she would answer if she understood. He learned that her name was Ianaa and she had told him that there were other fairies.

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