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Lying awake one night a few days after Charles’ arrival, for the first time in ages, she felt a true yearning. As she laid there on the bed, her hand drifted down and touched that wonderful button. Oh my god,” she whispered to herself at the way it set her on fire. She dipped her fingers into her surprisingly moist pussy and used her own juices as lubrication. Something about the way her nightgown was touching her was annoying, she couldn’t describe why, but she sat up and threw it off so she could lay naked and feel the air all over her whole body. Once that was accomplished, her fingers got back to work and she was moaning as quietly as she could with the first orgasm in over six months building up in her body. If the first alcohol had been intoxicating, the first climax was the equivalent of a triple-shot of Everclear. She felt her womb, her pussy, her legs – everything seize up in a paralyzing way and she had to bite down on her hand just to keep from screaming. Again and again, it rolled through her body. When it finally subsided, she wondered what sort of crazy hormonal change had occurred with pregnancy and childbirth, because she’d never felt anything like it. A new sensation came next, coolness. Her breasts and her chest were suddenly cold. Looking down, she saw an undeniable physical reaction in her new body. The famed ‘letdown’ that could sometimes happen when a nursing mother climaxes had kicked in with a vengeance. Her breasts had leaked volumes during her orgasm and now the cooling effect of evaporation almost making her shiver. With post-orgasmic drowsiness kicking in, she had barely enough energy to dry off and put her nightgown back on before falling into blissful, welcome sleep – and eventually, dreams.

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