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At the LD dog show, there seemed to be more men there than women. As I wander around the show with you at my side I am already getting lingering looks, my thin backless sundress doing nothing to hide my curves or the unfettered state of my breasts. My heels only actuating the bareness of my legs, and lower thighs. My red hair was brushing against the top of my buttocks…as I walked. We end up in a pavilion, almost a dog house really. It had a low canopy and 15 stalls. Each stall held a dog, some were German Shepherds, others were Rotwielers, and there were a couple of Labradors. And every single one was male. Also in the pavilion there was a raised area where the dogs are shown and judged. Each of the dog’s owners is in the pavilion mingling and chatting. You leave me standing next to the raised stage area, while you go and mingle, with every stop you make glances are thrown my way and the men start grinning…a few leave and come back with a friend or 2. By the time you get back to me, someone is closing and locking the pavilion up…there are 25 men inside it. You lead me over to a curtained off area I hadn’t noticed when I walked in, you told me to strip and hand you my clothes. I give you my dress but you let me keep my heels on. You then slip a collar around my neck…and I start to ask you what the hell is going on. You just look at me and say…you’re paying your bet. You clip a leash onto the collar. A friend of yours appears next to you and you hand over the digital video camera you brought with you. He steps back, turns it on and pans around the pavilion before coming to rest on me. He pans the camera up and down my body…zooming in on my breasts…capturing my nipples hardening, then zooming in on to my shaved pussy, you holding my lips open so he can get a good look at the juices being produced. You turn me around and bend me over…he zooms in on my ass as your spread the cheeks and push a finger into my ass.

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