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As director of information technology (IT) for EMC in Santa Clara, California, Ravi Namboori commands nearly two decades of experience in network and IT management. A graduate of the electronics and communication program at DNR College in India, he began his career as a network administrator with Point SOFT in Hyderabad, India, where he gained key experience in systems configuration and the management of software use. Quickly advancing through senior and management-level positions in companies across India, Ravi Namboori then emigrated to the Netherlands to become a network manager for industry leader Hewlett Packard. In this role, Ravi Namboori designed a number of cutting-edge systems, including a local area network and a technical-assistance call center. This achievement then led to his recruitment by Bravara Communications, a $20 million-per-year gateway vendor in Palo Alto, California. As the company's first IT professional, he successfully connected office systems via a Bravara router and related systems. Ravi Namboori achieved similar success in subsequent positions across Silicon Valley, where he has become known for his ability to optimize IT infrastructure. He secured his first position as a director of IT with Harmonic Inc. of Sunnyvale and implemented a number of new systems while developing and executing a growth-oriented strategy there. Continually focused on strategy during his subsequent employment with Glu Mobile of San Mateo, Mr. Namboori now focuses on the current and future success of EMC and its systems.

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