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Daisy Casey

OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH YEEEESSSSSS!” Mila cried out loudly, a few guttural noises escaping her lips as Natalie gently pushed her tongue all the way inside the other girl, slowly pulled it out, and then slowly pushed it back in again, “Yes… yes… oh… yes… fuck me. Tongue fuck me my cunt Natalie.” Mila sounded amazed. Natalie guessed her co-star wasn’t expecting her to go this far. In all fairness neither was she, but Natalie felt like she couldn’t help herself. Mila was just so delicious, and Natalie couldn’t bare the thought of wasting a drop of Mila’s pussy juice. Without even really being aware of it Natalie’s curiosity for the taste of pussy juice had turned into want, and then a burning need, the star of Black Swan pressing her face as deep as it would go in between her co-star’s legs, her mouth creating a tight seal around Mila’s cunt lips so she could eagerly swallow as much cunt cream as she possibly could. The heavenly liquid seemed to endlessly flow into her mouth to the point of overflow, Natalie’s face and even her hair becoming coated in pussy juice, as her tongue continue tongue fucking Mila with long, steady strokes. Fuck me. Fuck me Natalie. Fuck me with that soft little tongue of yours. Mmmmmm, it feels so good inside me. It feels so good inside my cunt. Ohhhhhhh Natalie, please, give me more. Fuck me harder. Fuck me harder with your tongue. Ahhhhhhh yeeeesssss, that’s it, harder, fuck me, yeeeessssss, yeeeeeessssss, oooooooohhhhhh yeeeeeessssss tongue my cunt you hot bitch!” Natalie felt Mila’s hand on the back of her head, as she began to grind her cunt into Natalie’s mouth pushing her tongue deeper into her pussy as she neared the edge of her orgasm. Instead of being put off Natalie began thrusting her tongue in and out of Mila as hard as she could, for the first time in her life desperate to make another girl cum.

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