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Office Relationships

Office Relationships is a large component of sexual harassment. There is a plethora of examples, from creepy emails to creepy meetings you had no idea existed. You may not be aware that your co-worker has a fetish for domination, or that she is keeping a personal journal where she discusses naughty things in the work place. If this is something that happens often in your workplace, or if you have witnessed this type of behavior it is important to talk to your supervisor or HR professional about it. Office Relationships can occur between co-workers, supervisors, and other employees. In fact, studies show that over 30% of all workplace relationships are between an individual who is not related to anyone in particular. It is important for you to know your rights and what you can do when there are unwanted advances made towards you, or inappropriate touching. This can include kissing and other similar actions. If there is ever a time when there seems to be an obvious or open display of sexual harassment, or a workplace relationship that crosses the line into sexual harassment, you should report it. Unwanted sexual harassment occurs in many different forms. The most common is the joke or suggestive innuendo, but sometimes it is more drastic. Sometimes employees joke about sex in their work bathrooms or on their work phones. Other times they send each other sexy pictures via text or email. It can be difficult to prove these types of cases, especially if it is after-hours or over the Internet. Many employers use funny face emojis or other non-verbal cues to convey that it is a light hearted joke. However, just because it's subtle, doesn't mean it's not sexual harassment. Even something as simple as jokes, innuendos, or sexual innuendos, can be problematic. Your case will be much more successful if it is taken to an official, a neutral third party. One way to avoid having to deal with unwanted sexual harassment in the workplace is to be proactive about reporting any instances of possible sexual harassment or of anyone who has made a sexual comment towards you. This is particularly true if there has been a recent incident of sexual harassment in the office. Report it right away! This applies to incidents that have taken place in the past as well as those which are ongoing. You might also consider taking your case to the Employment Tribunal where you can present your evidence in person and ask for an outcome where the offending employee is removed from the workplace. In addition to being proactive, there are steps you can take to protect yourself in the workplace. Consider staying in an area of the building where it is unlikely that other workers are watching you. You should never discuss your sexual history in the company or even on your first day on the job. It can be difficult and embarrassing if this happens, but there are countless stories of employees who have endured years of sexual harassment at work. If you have received a complaint about something like this, you should seek immediate help from your employer to investigate the matter and see if you can resolve it. There is a myth circulating that it is fine for coworkers to make jokes about a colleague's sexual orientation. While it is acceptable to make jokes, such jokes need to be tasteful and not demean the others. It is also important not to allow colleagues to make sexual comments outside of the workplace. Even jokes which may seem harmless can create an environment of harassment. Office relationships can be tricky. They are no longer just meant to be between colleagues; they can also include supervisors and employers. If you feel that you have been harassed at work, you should report the situation to your employer or an experienced employment solicitor. You should document all the details you have so that when you do make a claim, it will have a strong bearing on the outcome of your case. Such documentation can include images and video recordings of the alleged harassment, testimonies by witnesses and any written evidence.

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